Market Research Services

Since 1981, FMR Associates has provided “full service” market research services to more than 600 media, marketing and consumer clients in southern Arizona, across the country and internationally – serving radio and television stations, cable companies, music syndicators, advertising agencies, consumer companies, retail businesses, governmental agencies, academic institutions, healthcare providers, financial institutions and a wide range of media and marketing consultants.

All FMR projects are conducted by research professionals on a confidential basis from goal-definition to the final report presentation. Whether it’s a full-service project, fielding, recruiting or data processing assistance, contact us for a bid on your next project.

Bilingual Telephone Interviewing/Online Surveys — Telephone interviews are supervised and validated from FMR’s Research Center, utilizing an automated Predictive Dialing System. All telephone surveys are pretested for length, flow and understanding with randomly-selected respondents. For online surveys, respondents can be recruited from a list you provide, from a link on your website, or randomly recruited through an online panel company. Panel members would be required to pass a screener, and security procedures will be incorporated as part of the questionnaire design to ensure quality control.

  • Perceptual/Tracking Studies – Each Tracking Study is designed to replicate previous surveys, so that changes in behaviors, awareness, attitudes and images can be measured on a direct, comparative basis over a specific period of time.
  • Behavographic® Segmentation Studies – Helps identify consumer “life-groups” in more meaningful categories than simple descriptive demographics or esoteric “psychographics,” including our exclusive Consumer Activity Classification Index.
  • Market Demand/Feasibility Projects – FMR’s independent and confidential skills have frequently been used to assess and define potential market opportunities, expansions or new concepts. Specific “price-point” demand levels are typically provided.
  • Executive Interviewing – Specially trained interviewers probe carefully selected executives regarding a variety of issues, including competitive awareness or imaging, new product potential/demand, anticipated actions within the business environment and more.
  • Client/Member Satisfaction Surveys – Determines level of satisfaction with services and benefits provided to client groups or members of an organization, including usage and perceived utility of key services (as well as areas of dissatisfaction), image assessment, an evaluation of key personnel and recommendations for improvement to better meet client/member needs.

Focus Groups – FMR recruits respondents with a custom-designed screening questionnaire and coordinates all functions from facilities and group moderation to report analysis and summary report production.