Local Radio Analysis (LRA)

FMR’s newest product (developed and delivered in partnership with Eastlan Ratings) provides an affordable qualitative sales tool for radio markets with populations of 100,000 or smaller.

Designed for direct sales and programming, the LRA demonstrates the value of local radio to potential advertisers by delivering qualified listeners in 15 key consumer behavior categories (everything from car buying to home remodels). This allows a station to determine an exact number of listeners interested in each consumer behavior category to target potential clients.

The LRA also provides the ranking of local radio listening impressions per week in three key demos: 12+, 25-54 and 35-64. The minimum sample per market is 250 randomly selected and demographically balanced local radio listeners (with no weighting). Only local radio stations are measured (excluding out of market stations or non-radio audio).

The LRA is simple to use (in a PDF format), with no software or downloads required. Fees are typically less than $10,000. Discounting available for multiple stations or markets.

For more details or a proposal, please contact Frank Kulbertis (843 816-7253) at Eastlan Ratings (eastlanratings.com).