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FMR Associates is an industry leading international media research firm that specializes in strategic and marketing research for the communications industry and communications or media-related studies. In addition to media research, FMR has also served a wide range of clients, including advertising agencies, music syndicators, consumer companies, retail businesses, governmental agencies, educational institutions, healthcare providers and a wide range of media and marketing consultants.

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FMR has completed research projects for more than 600 media and marketing or consumer clients since its establishment in 1981, including some of the largest broadcast media companies and more than 400 radio stations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France and Australia.

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Unleashing the Future through Innovative Research

FMR’s research innovations include the state-of-the-art programming and marketing research EARS® (Electronic Attitude Research System) technology, involving individual, hand-held computers for evaluating music, audio and video programming simulation, television commercials or programming. FMR also has pioneered market research techniques, including our trademarked Vulnerability Analysis® and Behavographic® Segmentation Studies, as well as a wide range of marketing and feasibility study techniques.

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Radio Media Research

Perceptuals, Music Testing, MusicTrac Call Outs

Local Radio Analysis (LRA)

An affordable qualitative sales tool for radio markets

Market Research

Providing “full service” market research services to brands of all sizes

Our formula for client success:

Objective Research – Research is FMR’s only business. FMR is not owned by another broadcast group, nor offers related services like program consultation, digital marketing, etc. FMR’s research is not a “selling tool” for other services. Nor are there competitive conflicts of interest.

Innovative Research – FMR is a pioneer in research methods, like EARS® (Electronic Attitude Research System) introduced in 1983, that enhances the data collection process and truly improves the quality of the research information obtained from respondents

Affordable Research – While many research companies try to convince clients that “cheaper is better” research, FMR remains committed to providing the most affordable, high-quality research – with very competitive pricing.

Clear Research Reports – FMR’s reports are custom-designed for simplicity and clarity of use, such as our exclusive MusicTrac Call-Out Trend reports and our Executive Summaries which condense and capsulate major studies into a simple question-and-answer format of each research issue addressed.

Insightful Research Analysis – FMR’s exclusive analytical methods are demonstrated in its trademarked Vulnerability Analysis® perceptual studies, share-specific Format Opportunity Analysis projects and reliable Market-Demand Feasibility Studies.

Actionable Research Results – FMR’s Strategic Recommendation presentations clearly outline and detail strategic planning and tactical action steps in a brief summary format, that includes possible alternative courses of action, as well as documented support for all recommendations.

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