Tucson Focus Group Facilities

building photoFMR’s Focus Group Facility, located in the Old Farm Executive Park, 6045 East Grant Road in Tucson, is centrally located and offers convenient, free parking.


  • Assistance for screener and sample design, as well as recruiting.
  • Located just 13 miles from the airport, and a few minutes from hotels and shopping.
  • Comfortable seating for up to 12 respondents.
  • On-site audio/video recording services with digital equipment and in-house DVRs.
  • FocusVision-equipped with ample bandwidth for remote viewing.
  • A separate recording room with fixed camera and/or operator.
  • Custom-catering; trained, efficient and responsive hostesses.

Observation Room

Observation Room

Focus Group Room from A/V Room

Focus Group Room

In addition, our facilities include:

  • Private Client Lounge and office – including Internet access.
  • Word processing, teleconferencing and copying facilities are available.
  • Additional services include teleconferencing, transcription, computers, easels, flip charts.
  • Private client entrance/exit.
  • Complete in-house data processing and report analysis available.
  • We are a FocusVision-associated facility.

FMR completely renovated its focus group facilities to better accommodate client needs, including improved and expanded focus group and observation rooms. To see pictures of the facility, click here for a slideshow of all rooms.