Radio/Media Research

FMR Associates has worked with more than 600 media clients since its inception in 1981. In addition to extensive experience in commercial and public radio, FMR has also provided research services to a variety of other media — including commercial and public television, cable companies, cable/satellite networks, newspapers and magazines. A few of our clients include:

  • Alpha Media
  • Bonneville International
  • British Broadcasting Company (BBC)
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)
  • DMI Music & Media
  • Eastlan Ratings
  • Cumulus Media
  • Audacy
  • Hubbard Broadcasting
  • Lotus Communications
  • National Public Radio (NPR)
  • Pacific Media Group
  • Minnesota Public Radio (MPR)

Objective, Affordable, Innovative Research – All FMR projects are custom-designed to fit specific research objectives, conducted on a confidential basis from goal definition to final report presentation. Our methodologies include:

Perceptual Research Services – FMR’s perceptual research services are designed and implemented by our professional research staff, through rigorously-tested surveys, with telephone interviews supervised and validated by a Predictive Dialing System. Online respondents are randomly recruited through a national panel provider. Panel members are required to pass a screener, and security procedures incorporated as part of the questionnaire design to ensure quality control.

FMR’s projects are used to assess media usage patterns, preferences, awareness and/or imaging – with tracking studies to measure over time. All FMR reports include an analysis of key demographic and “behavographic” variables. Types of perceptual studies include:

  • Perceptual/Tracking Studies
  • Vulnerability Analysis®
  • Format Opportunity AnalysisTM
  • Local Radio Analysis (LRA)
  • Advertiser Perception Studies

Music Library Testing is used to evaluate song “hooks,” along with some perceptual questions, with a station’s target audience members. Responses are achieved through either online surveys with randomly-recruited target-audience respondents or in-person EARS® (Electronic Attitude Research System) sessions. Online respondents are randomly recruited through a national panel company using a customized screener, with security features employed to make sure that participants are continually engaged in the test. Song hooks are digitally produced in-house to ensure proper sound quality.

MusicTrac Call-Out Research – FMR’s comprehensive call-out program measures the appeal, familiarity and burn-out of specific music “hooks” with target audience listeners to determine songs for “hot rotation” on a radio station’s playlist. Each song is evaluated with two questions: Familiarity/Appeal and Burn-Out of the song on the radio. Programs are custom-designed to fit station budgets and needs.

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