Program and Content Testing

handheld unitProgram Content Research tests tune-in/tune-out appeal and the “emotional attachment” of Morning Shows, program prototypes, stop-set/announcer examples and/or television commercials in a natural, relaxed setting as respondents record their attitudes on a moment-to-moment basis. Results may be used to gain a better understanding and insight of the PPM audience ratings methodology by testing program examples containing elements that appear to cause tune-out. Each study includes a full, written report and recommendations — as well as a synchronized video displaying the moment-to-moment reactions to the test material evaluated.

Music Mix Testing happens as part of an EARS® Music Library Test, where up to four “replicated hour” Music Mixes of approximately 13 songs each can be tested in “real time.” This Music Mix methodology evaluates the flow of different combinations of songs. Respondents record their responses in “real time” on their EARS® units. EARS® music mix results include Videographs and Time-Point Average (TPA) summaries for each mix, broken out demographically.

A single EARS® session can measure response to several different types of test material (such as music hooks, television commercials, music mixes and/or program airchecks), specifically designed to understand PPM listenership responses.

unitspinThe EARS® (Electronic Attitude Research System) methodology, first developed by FMR in 1983, is a true technological innovation and a superior method of in-person data collection for music and program testing (as displayed on the left). Each EARS® unit is an ergonomically-designed, fully digital hand-held computer — with “radio-relatable” buttons (not dials). (Click here to see more on the EARS® system.)

As with Music Library Testing:

  • Respondents are recruited and validated at our Tucson Research Center, via telephone or online. Custom screening is thoroughly conducted, with pre-screening and post-screening methods used as well.
  • EARS® sessions can be scheduled in as quickly as two weeks.
  • The output is typically provided electronically, with hard copies available on request.

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