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Profile of FMR President Bruce Fohr

bruce2Bruce Fohr founded FMR Associates, Inc. in 1981. Fohr’s media research career began while serving on the Business/Journalism faculty of Columbia College, Missouri, where he taught courses in advertising, management and marketing, and conducted research studies for the Missouri Press Association (1975-1977).

In 1977, Fohr joined Frank N. Magid Associates, Marion, Iowa, as a Research Associate. In 1978, he was named Director of Research of the Radio/Print Division. Later the same year, he was elevated to vice president. Before leaving the firm in 1980, Fohr was director of the company’s Research Division, including newspaper, television, radio and non-media clients. In 1980, as part of Surrey Broadcasting in Tucson, Arizona, Fohr was a founding partner and president of Communications Research, Ltd. (later renamed Surrey Research).

Academically, Fohr holds two graduate degrees: a Masters of Arts in Journalism, University of Missouri (1977) and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), with a concentration in Organization Psychology, Southern Illinois University — Carbondale (1975); as well as a Bachelor of Science in Management, also from SIU-C (1974).

Since his media and market research career began, Fohr has personally worked with nearly 500 radio station or broadcast companies, nearly 100 newspapers, numerous television stations and hundreds of marketing research clients including hospitals, advertising agencies, universities, churches and government agencies – as well as individual businesses and consumer companies.