Perceptual Research Services

perceptual_textFMR’s perceptual research services are designed and implemented by our professional research staff and resources maintained in our Tucson Research Center, with interviews supervised and validated by our Predictive Dialing System and/or through rigorously-tested online surveys. Turnaround time is exceptionally fast, as reports are typically completed in about three weeks. All FMR reports include an analysis of key demographic and “behavographic” variables, such as ratings “diary-keepers” or PPM-panelist-types (those likely to participate in a ratings survey). Types of perceptual studies include:

Perceptual/Tracking Studies:

  • Measures radio station imaging, market awareness and/or preferences
  • Tracking studies are designed to replicate previous surveys so changes can be measured on a direct, comparative basis over time

 Vulnerability Analysis®:

  • Pinpoints existing or potential weaknesses of positioning, programming and/or promotional imaging
  • Examines the strengths and weaknesses of direct competitors
  • FMR’s exclusive Music Cluster Correlation Analysis identifies specific music programming opportunities and strategies.

 Format Opportunity AnalysisTM:

  • Determines potential format opportunities in new or existing markets (including formats that do not directly compete with current station clusters)
  • FMR’s highly-regarded and exclusive Format Share Projection Analysis is an industry standard.

 Advertiser Perception Studies:

  • Confidential executive interviews are conducted with both direct and agency representatives by specially-trained interviewers to uncover competitive images of local sales staffs, as well as general imaging of local media outlets.

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