Musictrac Call-Out Research

headphonesFMR’s exclusive, comprehensive call-out program measures the appeal, familiarity and burn-out of specific music “hooks” with target audience listeners to determine which songs deserve to be in “hot rotation” on a radio station’s playlist. Programs are custom-designed to fit station budgets and needs – with reports typically on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, with or without “rolling average” summaries.


In a typical MusicTracTM survey:

  • 30-40 songs “hooks” are tested
  • Hooks are digitally produced in MP3 format in-house from a client-supplied list
  • Hooks are played to randomly-selected target audience members (not a pre-recruited database), contacted through randomly-selected telephone numbers and online through independent Internet panel companies
  • Regardless of methodology, audience members must meet radio station criteria (gender, age and/or station preferences) to qualify for the survey
  • Each song is evaluated with two questions: Familiarity/Appeal and Burn-Out of the song on the radio
  • Studies can also include key perceptual tracking questions that can be changed/modified every four reports, at the client’s request

Actionable Reports As soon as each report cycle is completed, results are made available via email. Song hook scores and perceptual question responses are tracked so that stations can monitor results over time. FMR’s Song Title Trend Report has been called “the best in the business” by top programming professionals. Perceptual question tracking summaries include “rolling average” responses from each previous survey wave.

MusicTracTM Report Examples – To view examples of our customized output (based on individual clients’ needs) from FMR MusicTracTM call-out reports, click here.

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