Music Library Testing

Music Library Testing is used to evaluate as many as 650 song “hooks,” along with some perceptual questions, with a station’s target audience members. The principal goal for a Library Music Test is to have a rank order of songs from the highest to the lowest testing.

There are two methodologies we use in Library Testing:

  • EARS® (Electronic Attitude Research System) sessions: unitspinall songs are tested with the same set of respondents, in a single two-hour in-person session. Respondents are recruited through FMR’s central computer-assisted Fielding Facility, using an automated Predictive Dialing System. The EARS® system is comprised of ergonomically-designed units with “radio-relatable” buttons. The EARS® methodology allows for a more controlled environment with less distractions. (Click here to see more on the EARS® system.)
  • Internet-Based: The music is tested by randomly-recruited target-audience respondents, who evaluate the songs at their leisure in an online survey over an approximately 2-week period.

For both methodologies:

  • There are rotational controls for the songs (to neutralize song position bias or burn-out).
  • Is not a test of respondents – or their endurance. Sessions last no more than two hours, and Internet respondents may stop and start at their leisure.
  • Song hooks are digitally produced in our in-house recording studio facilities to ensure proper sound quality.
  • Perceptual questions can be included.
  • EARS® music sessions can be scheduled in as quickly as two weeks — with preliminary results (song scores and rankings) e-mailed in an Excel format the morning after a test. For online versions, the time schedule is three weeks – including giving respondents sufficient time to complete their evaluations.
  • A file of all song scores is emailed the morning after a test’s completion in a sortable Excel file. The full report is typically available within three working days of test completion.
  • Output flexibility: A variety of unique indices and breakouts are possible based on clients’ needs. The output is typically provided electronically, with hard copies available on request.

To request additional information about FMR’s Music Library Testing services, click here.